• Cables

    To compete with the control cable imported from abroad, we have exceeded keeping the diversity and quality in the foreground. In particular, we use external cable Teflon cable as standard. The most important prerequisite is to keep quality of control cable  that very comfortable operation and a minimum of friction. Teflon outer cable is very important in this respect.

    Internal wires we use will vary based on the location of the control cable is used. Usually we use galvanized steel knitting inner wire . Each steel inner wire knitting, how much, if woven wire becomes so soft and more comfortable working in curved place. For this reason, we use our bikes and equipment recommended by the manufacturer of various types of wire products.

    After a certain experience in the domestic market, we started to export in accordance with demands from Germany and the United Kingdom in 2010. Our distributor in both countries has continued to increase our exports to its successful operation. We export about half percentage of our current production.

    Farming tools, agricultural tools, however, started to provide automotive and variations occurring in the domestic market with demand from industrial machinery, our production potential is increased in direct proportion.